Welcome to our new website!

GTG RESIN is bringing "SNAP TRACKS" to market in a number of scales. All products are designed and made in Australia with shipping world wide.

Features of these track sets are:

Open guide horns where appropriate
Realistic cast surface texture
Manufacturers casting marks are reproduced
No jigs are required to assemble the tracks
All sets are thoroughly researched and accurate
Any type of hobby paint can be used
Won’t stretch once installed
Sags naturally, and realistically

Keep checking back for news and updates as we get producton up and running. Also check out our facebook page!

You can now check out our online store to order SNAP TRACKS as well as a few other products that we have in stock. I will keep adding stock as it is made to help with a few controls in the short term. Thanks for your support!

1/35 Early Panther Tracks
1/35 T-34 Waffle Pattern Tracks